Friday, June 12, 2009

a brief note until the next entry

Just a brief note to let you know I'll be adding to this blog very soon. Until then I just wanted to leave you with a couple of pictures. If you are a yahoo marbling group member you can see some of his work in the meantime in photos in the folder of C.Weimann.

In 1987 Christopher got to finally travel to Europe and meet with Marblers and Collectors, his only trip. Who could have imagined a year later of his passing. His work was going so well, he was more confident in his lectures and he envisioned future books and sharing what he learned. So much has changed since 1988, with the click of a mouse you can see and learn and it's amazing how ancient the search for learning and knowledge was so difficult just 37 years ago. Many marblers learned on their own and some still do. Being in touch with so many through the years have been the best friendships in my life. Here I was only updating entry news but started telling what is always present in my mind. In 1998 I was invited by Hikmet Barutcugil of Ebristan to exhibit Christopher's work and I took everything worthwhile to exhibit. I do remember how well Christopher was received in Istanbul though Mustafa Duezguenman told him (with Christopher in the above photo) that his flowers without background were not Ebru. When he told me about that visit I could only imagine the city from hearing about it in early school years never in my wildest dreams of being able to visit one day.
I did write about the experience of my visit and other gatherings in a number of marblers publications.

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