Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exhibitons and lectures

I am trying to figure out what to show and share next made me think of the lectures and exhibitions I was involved with after Christopher passed. Having been involved with designing his two books (sewing the miniature book), his lectures, slide shows etc. but not the actual marbling. That is also why I'm happy to have been able to do the Tribute book so soon after, remembering his dreams and showing his work. I felt like saying to him "See, I listened" though it would have been wonderful had he known other marblers to talk with but this didn't happen until two years before he passed.
Sometimes I try to focus just on my art work but I'm always drawn back to his work and also having made so many friends with Marblers' through the lectures the subject is often close. There have been articles (Ink & Gall) about the first Memorial exhibition in Feb. 1989. So now I want to sort my thoughts so not to repeat some things written and share with others who have not read about it. I have frustratingly reworked this entry with some exhibtion photos and the preview looked perfect, the posting didn't. I will try another time.
The above photo is from the Newsletter O.I.C.Research Centre for Islamic History, Arts and Culture
August 1998, No.46 A slide lecture I gave at the centre in Istanbul in connection to the Exhibition at Ebristan

Friday, January 15, 2010


I often think of what might be interesting to other marblers' about Christopher's work because so much has been shown or written about in a few books and publications. However, I can say when the mood strikes me and I look at some of the papers in my collections I always feel admiration of the beauty and remembering the years of his experimenting with the medium, the challenges with the colors, paper and size. Being in contact with quite a few marblers who have become my friends over the years is a constant joy but in my heart I am a little sad that so few had met him in person. I have friends who feel they met him but then realize they hadn't but my talking about him made them feel that way for just a moment. Sometimes I come across a piece like the one above and it's not to my taste but when I look at it again years later I can see his movement with the owl through each flower and leaves rather than the use of a comb and I see it with different eyes. It looks simple enough and yet I can imagine Chris doing it, learning.
I had a P.S. to this entry some hours later: it seems like once you post an entry your mind keeps remembering, wanting to share more. I guess this is okay with a blog, that's what it is all about, telling and sharing however much if it feels right. The paper below I immediately loved.