Friday, January 15, 2010


I often think of what might be interesting to other marblers' about Christopher's work because so much has been shown or written about in a few books and publications. However, I can say when the mood strikes me and I look at some of the papers in my collections I always feel admiration of the beauty and remembering the years of his experimenting with the medium, the challenges with the colors, paper and size. Being in contact with quite a few marblers who have become my friends over the years is a constant joy but in my heart I am a little sad that so few had met him in person. I have friends who feel they met him but then realize they hadn't but my talking about him made them feel that way for just a moment. Sometimes I come across a piece like the one above and it's not to my taste but when I look at it again years later I can see his movement with the owl through each flower and leaves rather than the use of a comb and I see it with different eyes. It looks simple enough and yet I can imagine Chris doing it, learning.
I had a P.S. to this entry some hours later: it seems like once you post an entry your mind keeps remembering, wanting to share more. I guess this is okay with a blog, that's what it is all about, telling and sharing however much if it feels right. The paper below I immediately loved.

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