Saturday, October 31, 2009

From my personal keepsakes

These pieces are again experiments for personal use and I have to ask for his forgiveness showing them but it shows how Christopher wanted to express what he saw in nature and how it inspired him. I think the beauty, besides the hard work is that marbling has the magic of nature. Growing up near a river and seeing it flow and the constant changes reminds me of the floating colors on size.
Here on the piece to the left the leaves are incredibly delicate; clicking on an image will enlarge most of them. At first, for so many years, it was his only goal to achieve marbled papers for binders to use but as I stated before it was impossible to produce in an apartment and there was no money to rent a studio.

I think about you Marblers as I share this because you may see into the heart of Christopher's workings so very private really. Hearing from you that you appreciate my blog makes me continue with enthusiasm.

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