Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Main Ingredient

What was it I was wondering that made Chris go on for years despite so many obstacles and failures and I suddenly realized he got the wish he had expressed when we met in Munich. With as little English as I understood he had said he couldn't promise me anything, no riches, nor did he know where he was going but that he wanted to work with his hands. Now I realize that it was exactly what he enjoyed the most, the preparation of the materials for marbling. A two day process of preparing the papers, another day for mixing colors and the next for the size, most of the years it was Guar gum, not exactly an easy process. I will write about his use of the size soon. I loved watching him work. To support the cost of materials he did restoration work that he also taught himself and was very good at. So the main ingredient for all of it was learning, patience, hard work and the challenge of it. Because of his youthful looks he wasn't trusted so most of the time he had a middle man to get the work and yet his workmanship was known.

People would bring pieces as you can see in the upper photo and the repaired piece below:Mayan from the May Collection of St.Louis, Terra Cotta, under 2 feet. I just wanted to share another part of Christopher aside from marbling.

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